Midcoast Umpire 
Association of Maine

Serving Knox  Lincoln and Waldo Counties

Midcoast Umpire Association of Maine

The Midcoast Umpire Association provides trained, professional umpires to various schools and teams within Knox, Lincoln and Waldo counties, in both baseball and softball.  Our goal is to promote and advance the sports of baseball and softball through collaboration with coaches, athletic directors and state baseball & softball organizations.  We also strive to assist in the development of high standards of character and citizenship and to encourage good, clean competition for all athletes and game participants.

Thanks to our members that attended the July 1st dedication of the Dennis Wooster Memorial Dugout at Medomak Valley High School.  

Pictured left to right are Dana Verge, Chris Ferguson, Wilder Hunt, Walter White, Fred Merrifield, Jeff Kinney and Lee Smith.

Below is a link to the article published by the Courier Gazette/Village Soup in advance of Monday's event.


Recent News & Updates

*MPA Bulletins for Baseball and Softball can be found at www.mpa.cc/index.php/interscholastic-division/bulletins.

*Registration for the 2020 Baseball & Softball New Umpire Training is now open.  You can register your interest by clicking on this link.  New member classes will begin in late February, with dates available on our Schedule page.

*Baseball "M" hats are now available for direct purchase through Gerry Davis Sports.  Purchase direct at http://www.gerrydavis.com/mm5/category/Umpire_Hats/product/B14HT6.

*Did you know that you can get NFHS baseball and softball publications for your Kindle or e-Reader?  Visit this link and get a head start on your rules and mechanics studies.

*Presentations from our local MPA baseball clinic can be found by using these links:

2019 MPA Clinic and Mechanics Presentation

2019 NFHS Rules Changes

*Busline League (middle school) rules can be found here.

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